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Protection [ Kai x You ]

Her eyes meet Kai for the first time. She kept on watching him. Though one day, he was no longer in her eyesight. Will she ever be able to see the boy who her eyes have been watching?

I smile wildly, secret doing a happy dance in my mind. Kai has just chosen to be the student council president! He has produced a great speech, a great performance on stage, including the fact that he already has a good reputation with seniors, juniors and basically everyone. Because of that, I have quite a good impression on him, but it’s not like I know him that well.

My friends and I were practicing volleyball the other day, and Kai was also there with a few classmates. Our volleyball rolled to Kai and his group of friends’ way, and he helped me pick it up. He smiled while pointing to another ball rolling out of the court and onto the race track. I was clueless at that time, so I didn’t know what he wanted me to do. And now I regret embarrassing myself for my idleness. He just wanted me to get his ball for him to exchange with mine. My face flushed a bright red when I found out what his intentions were, but too late, he already tossed back my volleyball and went to get his ball himself.

Around time to time, I would stare at Kai as he passes the hallway, but never once did he look this way.

Then one day, he was gone. The news was everywhere. Kai has transferred to another school, and leaving his student council position. It was extremely frustrating, but the co-president took up Kai’s role and managed to quiet down the rants.

I sort of understand why he’s leaving. With the entrance exam to aim for a better university’s coming closer, he needs the best surroundings, somewhere he can just study. But our school isn’t like that. We have variety of problems, countless bad students that always ruin the atmosphere in class. Unless you’re a very self-centered person or someone that’s good at blocking out noises, then it wouldn’t matter to where you are learning. But maybe to Kai…He can’t stand the ruckus anymore.

Which hurts, even though he’s saying it indirectly that he dislikes all of us.

After a semester, my mom intrigued me to go to cram school. I had no choice, it was either I fail my studies or get help. It’s kind of fun really, it’s fun to take transportations to the cram school. It’s far, and I like that, because no one from my school goes there. I can avoid being compared.

Walking up the staircase to the third floor of the cram school, I secretly wonder what the cram school looks like. All I know is that they’re pretty famous. I’m here to take a test, to see how much lessons I’ve remembered from the past semesters. It’s a pretty big area you need to review, but if they wanted us to do well, they would have told us earlier about this test.

Either way, I’m up here. It’s luxurious, and the walls are all full of student’s names and what university they got into and who got first place in their class. The list is incredibly long.

“I’m here for the PET test.” You tell one of the counter girls.

“Right this way.” She leads me to the elevator. We wait for a little why before the door slides open and she motions for me to step in. Then she pressed the number ten. I wonder why we’re going to the tenth floor. “The PET test is taken on the tenth floor, and don’t worry about your dinner. We’ve prepared it.” I smile politely.

Soon we were up there, it wasn’t as fancy as the third floor yet I could less. The counter girl leads me to another guy and he takes me into the classroom. He asks for my name and then finds my participation card. He hands it to me before asking me to sign my name on the seating sheet. I seat on third row on the very left, the hall is right beside me.

As I walk down the aisle, I spot something familiar. “Crap.” I couldn’t help but duck my head and continue to my seat.

Kai’s just two rows ahead of me. I can see him perfectly, because he’s a little to the right and I stare at the side of his face for a while. It’s beautiful, literally. I like how he focuses on the book he’s reading.

I wonder if he remembers me, I wonder if he would say hi. I wonder if I should. We barely talked before, and it was only me who was so clingy in our little interaction. But…He must have seen me before. Just like that, he turns his head my way and I freeze. I instantly look down and bury myself in my hands.

After the six long hours of taking five subjects, including dinner hour, they finally released us. I was dying, from boredom and tiredness. All I wanted to do was sleep.

All of us squish into the elevator, taking the ride to floor one. And as I wait for all of them to leave, I noticed Kai was waiting for me to leave first. To avoid another embarrassing moment, I left first.

Suddenly, something grabbed onto my shoulder. I freaked out. It was eight, it was late, it was dark, and I am alone. “Hey.” The voice says. It sort of calms me. It doesn’t sound too harsh, but what am I to say? This may be a pervert with a good voice?

“…” I turned around.

“I go the same way; do you want me to accompany you?” He asks. It was only Kai.

I liked taking the bus by myself, I love enjoying the cool night air alone, even though I’m quite afraid of what might happen to me, I decline his offer. “No thanks.”

“But—you’re a girl.” Kai stumbles on his words. “I can’t let you go home alone. Especially in this kind of public order.”

“We don’t even know each other. Why don’t you find some other girl?” I shrug. Seriously, even if it’s nice to have someone protecting me, thinking about me, I’m quite nervous of the awkwardness that might come if I accept.

“Because you’re the only one I know that goes the same way.” He looks away while he talks, but I don’t mind.

“Did the cram school teachers ask you to go home with me?” I immediately retort.

“No.” He looks back at me. “I wanted to.” Kai’s grip on my wrist got tighter; his palm is sweating a little, too.

“Plus, I don’t go home with someone I don’t know.” I hear myself say, so carefree and positive. He must have been a little shocked to hear that. I can’t blame him. I really wanted to say sorry, and we’ll go together if he wants, but I just can’t.

“You know me. I know you do. So stop denying the fact that you want me to protect you. What if I was some other guy that randomly put my hands on your shoulder? You would definitely be scared then, knowing that it’s not just Kai.” He rolls his eyes as he talks.

“You sound arrogant.” I purse my lips.

“If arrogant is what makes you listen to me…” Kai shrugs. “Then I could care less.”

“But why, are you…talking to me?” I question. “Give me the real reason and don’t lie.”

Kai sighs and pauses for a long time. “I want to tell someone why I transferred and maybe you can help me reduce the rumors going on in the school. My friends betrayed me, because they thought I thought they were not good enough for me. I was hurt.” He explains, a blush slowly forming on his face as I stare at him.

I frown. He’s entrusting me with something so personal. He seems so vulnerable at the moment; he really wants a good reputation with everyone and I can tell it bothers him a lot. I turned around to walk away; hopefully he understands what I want him to do. And I bet he did, because he came catching up with me down the long staircases to the MRT station.

“Thank you.” He speaks up. “I’ll assure you a safe trip home.” 

I laugh at that and was glad that he laughed along, too. This may actually be the start of a friendship I never thought would ever happen. I was always the same me, and even though he dropped from the top of the social pyramid, he hasn’t changed his serene attitude.

Maybe, I would come to love Kai one day, but that’s another whole type of story. 

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