Thursday, June 7, 2012

Conclude [ Byun Baekhyun x You ]

You’re fine, you’re okay, but honestly—you aren’t. The person, who you thought knew you the most, actually doesn’t.

You weren’t there to judge me on my improvements. You weren’t there when I was working so hard, dad. Just because my scores are not rising as high as the way you want them to, you cannot tell me it’s no use to my practicing.

“You should tell him that you want to do things your way.” Baekhyun flicks your forehead at this, and he watches you wince. This isn’t the first time he’s done that, and it’s not the first time you’ve felt the immense pain from the little interaction. Actually, you were the one that told Baekhyun to do that. You want someone to tell you your rights and wrongs, so that you can strive to achieve something better.

“I don’t want to argue with him, because he won’t understand.” You reply, stating it clearly. “I don’t want to explain, I just want to show him how much I’ve—”

“There you go again. You’re not studying and working hard just to prove this to someone. You’re putting your all because you want to like studying.” Baekhyun flicks your forehead again. You look away, annoyed at his conclusion for this conversation.

Either way, you’re going to show your dad how well you can be. Studying with Baekhyun is something you’ve started to love to do. He understands you, understands your abilities, your personality and how much effort you put into things. You can say Baekhyun knows you better than your own father.

But he’s also the reason to why you’ve started acting so rebellious against your father. Because Baekhyun understands you, and your father only knows the past you, you get irritated when your father say things. You would grit your teeth and roll your eyes, muttering under your breath that your father doesn’t get you; he doesn’t understand you in anyway.

There are times when you are capable of doing things on your own, yet your father keeps seeing you as a little girl and denies your protests. That angers you, and you’ll go sulking to Baekhyun oppa. But going to him in a situation like this, the first thing he’d do was flick your forehead, then explain about what he thinks of it. And all those times, he would tell you to not be so hard on your father.

“Obey.” He chants, smiling and patting your head at the same time. Eventually, you’ll listen to him and try to accept the fact that your father has no time for you because of his job, and if he weren’t so busy, he won’t be like this anymore. The least you should do is giving him another thing to fuss over.

“How can I get a better grade, Baekhyun?” You spin your pen with your fingers, eyes wandering to Baekhyun’s serious expression. “Oppa?”

“I’m sorry.” He rubs the back of his head. “I was distracted weren’t I?”

“Yeah…” You whisper. It saddens you to see him like this, he seems down. “What’s wrong?”

“I wonder…if suddenly being isolated from class is called bullying.” Baekhyun has his lips pursed. There’s a bandage below his right lip. Come to speak of it, for a few weeks now, small wounds and cuts have appeared on his body. It’s not something serious, but big enough for you to notice it. It’s hard not to, because Baekhyun spends a lot of time studying with you.

“Are you being left out?” Your hand reaches our abruptly, and touches Baekhyun’s bandage, but your hand wobbles and misses it by a few inches. Instead, you accidentally poke his lip. “Why?”

“They say I’m a pedo.” Baekhyun rubs the back of his head, pulling away from your finger and adding awkward distance between the two of you. “Either way, I want you to know that our relationship will never change.”

A faint blush tints your cheeks, and you stand up. “Don’t conclude things on your own!”

So Baekhyun doesn’t really know you, either.

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