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Chapter One: Dreaming

It was nearing the end of school, and Yoseob was anticipating the school play in another few hours. No. He thought. It’s more than anticipation, its uneasiness. It’s his first time to act and sing on stage, in front of so many people.

School plays in Yoseob’s school has always been a popular event to look forward to, and only the students who possess a good reputation or skill can sign up. Everyone knows their own limits, but still—there are students who don’t know anything and sign up to audition. Usually, their aftermath of trying out is not so good looking. They would also get picked on, for overestimating themselves.

Now, don’t get Yoseob starting on how he—a normal student got into the school play. It was an accident, yet he doesn’t regret a thing. He loves singing, despite his feminine outer appearance. He’s a total different person when he simply stands on stage. He turns into a man (it’s not like he’s not one already), he becomes confident and passionate. Like a beast. And that’s how he got noticed, by one big mouth girl who was the school paper’s main editor. He still remembers the surprised expression on her face. He understands. How can such a low class people like him sing like that?

“You’re awesome, Yang Yoseob.” She shakes her head, “tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”

“Huh?” He replies.

“I’m signing you up for the school play.” She pinches his cheeks. “You’re perfect for any role. Yes, including female roles.” And she laughs while walking away. For a moment, he thought she was joking, but when the next day he saw that the main director for the school play come to pull him to rehearsals, he couldn’t believe his luck.

And now, after a whole two months since rehearsals for the school play has started, Yoseob’s reputation and popularity in school has raised fast. He started having lots of guy friends who treat him like one of them, like a buddy. It’s tedious, the jokes and games the other guys do, but he’s starting to adapt to them after their endless tries for him to join them. It’s fun, laughing with each other and Yoseob loved that.

He’s popular, he can’t believe it, and soon he’s going to be on stage with the school’s eye candy IU. It’s not a surprise she has gotten to role of the main girl. Yoseob has seen her in rehearsals (well of course, they are acting as lovers), and her singing is really well. Her voice is as mysterious as her personality, but totally intriguing. She catches people’s attention easily. He feels like her sidekick instead of the main lead.

“What are you thinking Yoseob?” One of his friends, Jaehyun had come, swinging an arm around Yoseob’s shoulders.

“About the play.”

His friend grins. “You’re going to do well, bro.”

“Come on, rehearse with me!” Yoseob suggests.

“What?” Jaehyun exclaims.

“You be IU’s role, Belle. Come on, it’s not like nobody knows Beauty and The Beast.”

Jaehyun groans. “We’re going to be watching Beauty and The Beast for the next hour?”

“You didn’t know?” And Jaehyun shakes his head. “Well you know now. Come on Beauty, let’s rehearse.” Yoseob laughs loudly, waving for his other classmates to join their small rehearsal play.

By the time it was almost to the opening for the play, Yoseob feels famished. He hadn’t eaten anything other than a few pieces of gum (not that you can eat it anyway). He stands awkwardly in the middle of the busy backstage. The student crew is revising everything again, doing the last minute checkup in case of any accidents.

IU sits on one of the seats, her legs crossed in an elegant way. Her dark brown hair tied into a bun with a blue hair band, just like the girl Belle in Beauty and The Beast. She wears a ragged maiden dress, with a blue apron, matching with the blue hair band.

“Hey.” Yoseob decides to talk to her.

“Hi.” She replies, smiling politely.

“I’m quite nervous, are you?” He asks.

“I see.” She laughs.

“Oh. So you’ve perceived.” Yoseob rubs the back of his head lightly.

“Seven more minutes.” A student with a clipboard shouts to the whole student body crew. Seven more minutes, that’s 420 seconds more until the opening. Yoseob takes deep long breaths, trying to fan out the nervousness and the butterflies in his stomach.

IU laughs. “It’s conspicuous. I didn’t perceive it. It shows right on your face, your anxiety.” She stands up from the chair and grips onto Yoseob’s bare shoulder.  

“Here now. Oh, don’t do that.” IU tries to clean an invisible wound on Yoseob’s shoulder with an invisible rag. She’s being Belle Yoseob thought. Immediately, he growls at her. “Just…hold still.” She touches the rag to the wound and Yoseob roars in pain.

“That hurts!” Yoseob cries.

“If you’d hold still, it wouldn’t hurt as much.” She says in counterpoint.

“Well if you hadn’t run away, this wouldn’t have happened!”

“Well if you hadn’t frightened me, I wouldn’t have run away!” IU protests. Yoseob opens his mouth to respond, but has to stop and think of a good line.

“Well you shouldn’t have been in the West Wing!”

“Well you should learn to control your temper!” IU exclaims. Yoseob raises his hand to bring out another point, but finds he has none, so he bows his head down again. IU moves the rag closer to the wound. “Now hold still. This may sting a little.” Yoseob gives a surprising grunt, and then grits his teeth as the rag is applied. IU speaks tenderly. “By the way, thank you for saving my life.” She smiles.

“That was good.” Yoseob grins.

“Now let’s all do well on stage alright?” The main director walks towards the two main with an enthusiastic grin spreading across half of her face. Everyone starts gathering and gives each other a thumbs up.

“One more minute!” The clipboard girl shouts. Quickly, everyone gets into position for this play.

Then the familiar voice of the spoken parts throughout the whole act starts introducing the whole synopsis and where it all began…

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